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2.1 consisted of 35 randomly selected students. They


The participants were chosen among
EFL learners from private language institutes in Arak province. They were male
and female intermediate language learners. The ages range from 13 to 21. The
participants were randomly selected and divided into two groups, one
experimental group and one control group. Each group consisted of 35 randomly
selected students. They participated to the classes three times per week and
received the program during the classes. In order to make sure that
participants were homogenized, Oxford Placement Solution Test was administered
and they were categorized as intermediate level language learners.

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Instruments and Materials

In order to collect data for this study a program was designed and
multimedia interaction proper to the lessen topics was used in language
classes. Another instrument which was used in this study was a vocabulary test
which was adapted from Nation (2001). The validity and reliability of this test
has been reported. This test was developed to investigate the students’
vocabulary progress after the activities. The items included in this test were
among the vocabularies which students were taught during the classes.

Data Collection Procedure

The randomly selected samples were divided into two groups. Each of
them consisted of 35 intermediate EFL learners. Before the beginning of the
classes a pretest was administered to determine the students’ vocabulary level.
The first group received the treatment which was a program based on multimedia
interactive. It required the use of computer and other tools in order to teach
the lessons. The participants were given the necessary instruction and they all
know how to work with computers. The media which was used in the classroom
consisted of audio, video, animation, graphs, and so on. After some sessions
the students were completely familiar with the procedures and became autonomous
in using the stuffs even outside of the class. The other group did not receive
such a program. Instead, the traditional way of teaching lessens was adopted.
The instructor just used the textbooks to teach the same lessons. At the end of
the classes the students were given a vocabulary test in order to investigate
their vocabulary developments. The results were compared to see whether the
treatment was effective or not.

Data Analysis

The pretest was given to both groups in order to investigate the
differences of the students’ proficiency. After the treatment, a posttest was
given to students to investigate the changes. The results were compared using
the SPSS software and through comparing means by using t-test.