College Papers

Matrix is a
1999 science fiction film, A world where humanity and traces of the real, are perceived
artificial the only reality known is that within the Matrix (Image 3). In the film Neo, is unsure of his reality, but
soon comes to figure out the truth goes far beyond his conscious. Many people
like Neo, might ask ‘What is the Matrix’ ( (2017). One of the
characters, Morpheus, explains that the Matrix is merely “the world that has
been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth”. ( (2017).  The truth become apparent, that
the mind is essentially a prison restraining any thought of emancipation. The
prison turns those in the world of a matrix into a slave, born into a bondage
where the prisons simulations are thought to be so authentic, the implications
of the film demonstrate our world post apocalypse and just how unpredictable
the future can be.