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There were Four things that Alexander
emphasizes that stood out to me. Number one is all the facts that she lays out in
regards to drug use. People in America were taught to think of Black people are
usually out there buying, selling, and abusing drugs at a faster rate than
whites which is overwhelmingly false. The rate at which people of color are
getting incarcerated are much higher than people who are white. The people that
were getting arrested are also mostly regular people who have never committed a
crime. The second thing I found interesting was the unfair policing practices.

The police make their way through any black neighborhood in search for
contraband. Nothing and no one stops their pursuit since they have the right to
stop anyone for any reason. Although one can say no to the police officers
search, it will just bring around more problems than what it’s worth. Going along
with this, the police officers have no legitimate training on how to spot a
drug dealer or user. Basically they are just combing their way through these
neighborhoods and stopping anyone who rubs them the wrong way. Thirdly she
stresses that countless individuals don’t have the funds to get a good lawyer
and are set up with an over worked public defender who encourages them to plead
guilty. The last thing that stood out to me was that the police departments
have inarguable motivation to continue to lock people up-they are told their
budgets depend on it. 

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