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A works for her brother and he used

A boy name George Stoyonovich
Was sixteen when he left his school and started looking jobs. But he never got
a job and even in summer he had very hard time finding job. He wanted to go to
summer school but he thought the kids in school would be too young. He was
twenty and he still didn’t get a job. His father was poor and they had little earning
so, George had less spending. Sophie use to bring some magazines from cafeteria
when she works for her brother and he used to read that and the World Almanac
he bought. Every night, George go out on the streets and walk avoiding all his
friends. He is always thinking about how to get a job and good life with lot of

            At night, he was walking on the street and he saw Mr. Catanzaro,
he lives beside George’s and work at IST station. George saw him and he thought
he is drunk but he looked sober. He thinks Mr. Catanzaro is good person because
he gave George money for Lemon juice. He asked George that what he is doing but
he lied and said that he was reading but actually he was ashamed to say the
truth.  He feels strange and he looked
little unhappy about he lied, he wants Mr. Catanzaro to respect him.

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