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ABOUT find the best match to meet the


BNDEDU placement service stands out to be an
independent education consulting firm that provides services to families as
planned for the future of student education. We provide consultation and
placement services for students all over the country, from elementary school to
post graduate education.

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We believe that one of the most important decisions a
family can make during an admission search is to find the right school for just
individual students. Whether middle school, high school, college, or
University, we can help you find the best match to meet the needs of students
and parent. Finding the right and perfect match for both students and schools
requires expertise and experience, and as an independent education consultant,
we play an important role in this process.

 BNDEDU placement
service provides a personalized approach to leveraging accumulated expertise
with a vast amount of resources and years of experience to assist in this
match. We are  confident that we will
continue to participate in conferences and workshops and visit individual
campuses to ensure that all information about the matching of students and
education is current on the latest trends in education facilities.

BNDEDU placement services provice a diverse range of
services, including placement for troubled or struggling teens.

BNDEDU placement services follow the ethical code of
the Independent Education Consultancy Asssociation, which governs the conduct
of consultants in the relationship between students and their families, schools
and professional colleagues. With this code, the BNDEDU placement service does
not accept compensation from education or therapeutic facilities for the
placement of students.

Our goal is to ensure that students are offered the
most appropriate selection of schools to choose from that support requires
successful results. It also leads the parent towards a wise decision.

We are confident that you will be offered a
professional approach throughout the school selection process by the BNDEDU
placement service.




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