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As rightly quoted by one of my biggest

As rightly quoted by one of my biggest inspiration Coco Chanel “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only,fashion is in the sky,in the street,fashion has to do with ideas,the way we live,what is happening”I developed an interest in fashion at a very young age.Initially it was the way how clothes made me feel about myself and how I can be creative with outfits. The creative aspects and visual expressions  invoked a sense of curiosity and happiness in me,which is why I always examined through shop displays and fashion weeks for hours giving attention to all the intricate details and uniqueness of clothes.As a kid,I remember spending  hours sketching ,especially gowns and creating my own ones  as a kid as I was fascinated by the beautiful flowy dresses worn by Disney princesses. I remember looking forward for fashion weeks and shows and admiring the outfits worn by the people. As I grew up I wished for having my store with everything the way I’d expect it to be and provided the best apparel.During high school while I was a commerce student,I got fascinated by business models.I researched and read about various design houses and brand success stories and looked into what differentiated each of them,what made the brand stand out etc.It wasn’t just the clothes that I admired,it was the whole process in the making of fashion.I admired the fashion industry where I believed to have the pefect balance between creativity and businessI loved how dynamic,creative and challenging the fashion industry is Today,I believe that fashion is everywhere and can shape our economy,society and every individual at a personal level. Developing new idea for the global fashion industry’s future, from how a business communicates with its consumer and its environmental ,social and cultural concerns ,is something I’m deeply interested in.I am currently studying Economics Honours at Symbiosis College of Arts and Commerce.Economics has helped me develop a more comprehensive view of business and decision making .It has taught me to look ahead and make decisions based on market trends.My course also included subjects like psychology and behavioral economics where I learnt a lot about consumer psychology and I’ve always been interested in consumer behavior.I deeply enjoy studying subjects related to management and economics,but was never into just any regular business program as I wanted something more dynamic and creative which challenges me to constantly innovate.Throughout my graduation I’ve developed a deep understanding and concern towards my society.I’ve volunteered for several social cause initiatives .This has backed my desire in wanting a socially responsible  business platform which provides good working conditions,utilizes creativity to the fullest and provides sustainable apparel.As I learnt more about the fashion industry recently, I’ve been intrigued by the impact of material production and the conditions behind the industry’s supply chain. Currently I’m working on myfinal year honors project on “Sustainable Fashion-reducing the social and environmental cost” where I’m trying to investigate new ways in making fast fashion more sustainable and protect the interests of developing nations. As I grew older and gained more insights about the fashion world,I realized how huge the industry is and thus the responsibility it has towards the society.Being a native of India, which is one the biggest production hubs for foreign apparel for its cheap production cost,has caught my deep concern about the treatment of employeesby brands. I understand the importance of fashion business to  provide quality and ethical products to the society to meet the growing needs of ethical consumers and enhancing the welfare of the hands behind the creators of the product  which is an important aspect of business ethics. Fashion is a large industry which can provide work to millions and I strongly believe that the business should be done on strong ethical ground basis as we have a sense of responsibility towards the building of a better society.During the third year of my bachelor’s degree,I had theopportunity to be a part of “Future Ceos”programme  by Talerang ,a one of a kind work readiness program developed globally and researched as a part of Harvard Business School on India’s work readiness crisis,where students from top colleges get chosen to be a part of.During my time here,I was trained through various immersion programmes which was meant to make me ready to face real world challenges .This was a transformational period for me through 6 leadership and work readiness modules .I got to understand myself better here,with a clear  clarity of my  life vision.I realized the importance of time and setting SMART goals for myself to reach where I aspire to be and here I am taking my next step in getting a fashion business degree.I was trained to work under tight deadlines,work in teams,develop networking skills and in overall develop myself to be work ready.While being a part of the programme, I was able to prove my passion in the field of passion and management and has been provided an opportunity internship in my chosen skill track of fashion after my graduation.I believe that this internship would prepare me with more practical knowledge before I join the university.I strongly believe that creativity is one of my strong traits, which has been mentioned by my mentors and people I’ve worked with. I’ve always come up with creative ideas in making presentations and had a keen interest in aesthetics and details.I’m an excellent communicator and always loved dealing with people as it gave me a sense of satisfaction in being able to bring out the best out of others as well.I’ve been able to create an impact and influence people through my speeches on several occasions.I wish to use my skills in the challenging fashion industry and bring out the best I can.For this to come true,I need proper guidance and training in the field to make me face the industry challenges efficiently which is why I’m applying for a masters in fashion management.UK has always been one of the top preferences for studying fashion.I believe this is due to the deep rooted connection Europe has sustained in the field of arts since ages. There’s inspiration you get from every part of the city which is rich in culture and heritage and the immense exposure provided with its diverse inhabitants. Art has always been a part of the European culture and I deeply admire the beauty of European architecture and style. I know that Studying in the United Kingdom will bring the best out of me and help me evolve my creative side to my fullest and give me the much needed exposure.Fashion business to me is a way of life to bring out the best in products and the people both externally and internally by making them feel their best, a means to empower the society as a whole.I dream to provide better business,with a passion for ethical fashion and use fashion as a means for better society.I love the beauty fashion is capable of and I admire fashion brands that are transparent,creative,uses artisan work and more.By getting to study Fashion business,I expect to learn about buying,store planning,branding,retailing,forecasting etc and make long lasting friendship with the industry to one day establish a brand of my own.I have a thirst for knowledge and the passion to thrive for scuccess by working hard.I adore challenges as it can make me grow and I understand taking risks are a part of success and bringing change.I am willing to take up responsibilities and devote myself completely in the field of study which will allow me achieve my dream. By getting admission in the Fashion Management program at Coventry University,I’ll be able to combine my love for fashion and my passion for ethical business,enabling me use my knowledge in constructive ways and make a place for myself in the industry.