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Belive codes. But that language was for math,

Belive it or not
we have more than 10000 langauges and the first programming language was created nearly 200 years ago
Starts from 1843, it’s a bit hard to belive that because the first computer invented in 20th century

Charles Babbage (the father of computer)
In 1822 when he was working in a mechanical computer, he thought about a concept where you can implement a computer.

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Ada Lovelace created the first programing language
in 1843 but there was a problem that not any other languages created after nearly 70 years.

During the second world war Alan Turing got the concept of “Turing” machine, because at that time they wanted to decrypt tha message and to do that thay needed mathematicians job, Turing came with the concept of computer that decrypt the message, and that was “Turing” machine

In 1940s the Electronic machine created, that it was workig with vacuum cubes, the computer was big enough to fill nearly four rooms, after that the idea of reducing the size gave the scientists tha idea of creating CPU.

Is it normal to talk to a computer?

Yes it is
But all you need is a common language between the computer and the user that both can understand.
And that was the beginning of assembly language which was low level language.
Assembly language was good for the normal CPU’s, but nowadays we are living in a generation where we have octa-core CPU and more that can hold a big amount of data, so assembly was’t good enough for scientists.

there came the idea of high level language e.g (java,
C++, C#, php…….)

First high level language was FORTRAN (FORmula TRANslation), created in 1957, FORTRAN was for converting mathematical codes into programing codes.

But that language was for math, people needed a language for business also, So COBOL (Common Business Oriented Language) language was created.

PASCAL was created in 1970 that used to teach people about the languages because other languages were little hard to learn, and then PASCAL was developed and used for business perpose which you could use PASCAL to make softwares.