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DIFFERENCE identify the general category of data. In




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Qualitative research
framed in terms of using words. Method of selecting samples is different from
quantitative research non-probability sampling method; qualitative sampling is nonrandom
selection mean every member of the population being selected unknown chance.
Another difference is adoption of
techniques in the procedure of sampling design for ensuring the quality. Like
qualitative sampling mostly using convenience, purposive, quota and snowball
sampling for obtaining information. The measurement is different qualitative
research measure the data in numbers, but also in writing, spoken words,
actions and sounds. For measuring qualitative data, qualitative researcher
occur in the process of collecting data this mean researcher give new ideas
during collecting data. In qualitative research, data analysis required
researcher to organize, summarize and identify the general category of data.

In this type
of research we collect data through interviews, focus group and reviews of
documents. Qualitative method used primarily inductive process to formulate a
theory. This is more subjective, text based and non statistical test. Response
option is unstructured or semi structured. The qualitative method in few cases is
more in depth information. Qualitative methods can be valid and reliable, it
can largely depend upon the skills of researchers. This data is less generalizable.


research framed in terms of using numbers.Quantitative research using
probability sampling, quantitative sampling is random selection mean every
member of the population being selected with equal chance. Another difference
is techniques, procedure of sample design like quantitative sampling using
various statistical  sampling design it includes simple random, systematic, stratified
and multistage cluster sampling. In quantitative research, measurement is
systematic techniques to produce numeric data. For measuring quantitative data,
quantitative, researcher mostly converts variables into specific action during the
planning stage that occur before analyzing the data. In quantitative research,
data analysis through a statistical method for analyzing data in order to find
the relationship between variables. With examples researcher process the data
into SPSS software. Techniques of data analysis are  various such as univariate analysis, subgroup comparisons, bivariate
and multivariate analysis. This research presented by a series of numbers, matrix,
figure, diagrams and charts.                                                    


In this type
of research we collect data through surveys, structured interviews &
observation and review of records for numeric information. Quantitative methods
used primarily deductive process to test pre-specified concepts, constructs and
hypotheses that make up a theory. This is more objective, a number based and in
this statistical test used for analysis. Response option is fixed in
quantitative method. In Quantitative method large number of cases less in-depth,
but more informative. Quantitative method can be valid and reliable, it can largely
depend upon the used of measurement devises or instrument. This data is more generalizable.

topic in health economics:

1.     Optimizing revenue
source in hospitals

2.     Setting directions for health policy in the conditions of growing health
care needs

3.     Mention the
different ways of validating cost effectiveness models in health economics.

4.     Estimate the
health care costs of size.

5.     Correlation between
health care expenditure and GDP in the Pakistan.

6.     About prolonged
diseases and how they affect labor force.

7.     How can the ban
on tobacco advertising improve the economy?

8.     Does an
unhealthy nation mean poor nation?