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Harry his supplies for potions. Lastly he gets

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone is a book about a young boy by the name of Harry Potter and his discovery of him being a wizard. At a young age, around 1, Harry Potter’s mother and father got murdered by an evil wizard by the name of Voldemort. When he killed Harry’s parents, he tried to kill Harry to, but he just couldn’t. After he couldn’t kill Harry, Voldemort mysteriously disappeared. After this broke the news Harry Potter became world wide famous because Voldemort was known to always kill his enimens. Since Harry had no parents, he had to go live with his aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Dursley. Harry lived with them for almost 11 years until one day the Dursleys starting getting mysterious letters and they wouldn’t let Harry see. The letter even knew where Harry’s bedroom was. Then one day, of the eve of Harry’s birthday, Mr. Dursley snapped and they went on a “vacation” and found this hut. The hut was very old and cold and the Dursleys made Harry sleep on the ground. When Harry’s birthday struck a loud banging could be heard at the door of the hut. The person banging on the door was Hagrid. Hagrid explains what is going on with Harry and tells him that he is a wizard. He learns everything about the Dursleys too, and how they say he is a normal boy and not a wizard. The next day Hagrid takes Harry to go shopping for his school supplies for Hogwarts. First they go to the Gringotts bank to get out Harry’s money left by his parents. Then he goes to Diagon Alley and Harry gets sized for his school robes and he meets another kid that is going to Hogwarts and he knows he’s getting into Slytherin. Then Harry gets books and all of his supplies for potions. Lastly he gets his wand which is the wand that was accompanied by Voldemort. The man also notices his scar and he apologies for selling the wand that did that to Harry.Around a month after this whole situation happens Harry packs up and boards his train to Hogwarts on the train 9 and ¾. On the train ride there Harry meets and friends two kids named Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger. When they arrive the new students have to wear  this special that reads their mind to choose what school house they will be placed in. Harry and his two friends Ron and Hermione get put into Gryffindor. As school goes on Harry meets Professor Snape, which he seems to realize doesn’t like him. Further down into school it’s the students first time doing flying lessons for Quidditch. When the teachers leaves to take a student to the nurse a kid named Draco steals the kids toy so Harry chases after him and gets it back. The teacher saw the whole incident and she recommends him to play. Then when Halloween comes around there is a supposed troll on campus and everyone is told to evacuate the building, but instead of following rules Harry and Ron sneak away to go find Hermione. After looking for her they realize that she didn’t know that the troll was on campus. They accidentally lock the troll in the bathroom with her and they defeat the troll. After defeating the troll she tells a lie to keep both of the boys out of trouble. A little after this situation Harry plays in his first Quidditch match. When Harry is riding his broom, the broom flies from under Harry and Hermione notices Snape whispering something, so she sets his robe on fire letting Harry to win the match.When Christmas arrives Harry gets his dad’s old invisibility cloak. When he gets this Harry is excited and he explores the school while everyone is asleep. While he is exploring he finds a mirror that shows the person looking in it deepest wish. When Harry looks in it, he sees his parents, and they are alive. When christmas ends Harry, Ron, and Hermione began to think about the recent break in that happened at Gringotts. There was a stone there called there Sorcerer’s Stone and the three headed dog was protecting it. This stone has the powers of giving someone to live forever, and unlimited wealthiness to the beholder. A couple of weeks after they try to figure out the mystery Hagrid wins a dragon egg. After Hagrid won this egg Harry, Ron, and Hermione contact Ron’s older brother because he studies dragons. When learning about the dragon egg they try to get rid of the egg but they all get caught, therefor deducting 150 points from Gryffindor. Another part of their punishment is to go into the enchanted forest, with Hagrid, to find out why and who is killing unicorns. While in the forest Harry gets attacked by a man drinking unicorn blood but is saved a centaur which is a half human half horse creature. When this creature saves Harry, he finds out that Voldemort is trying to steal that stone. After hearing this from the centaur Harry realizes that he must stop Lord Voldemort from stealing this stone. So the three of them leave during the middle of the night and they go to the forbidden third floor corridor. When they go to the corridor they sneak past the guard dog and they sneak around many other things to get to that precious stone. Once he gets closer to the stone Harry meets Professor Quirinus Quirrell, which was a former Professor at Hogwarts that got his body taken over by Voldemort to kill Harry Potter. Professor Quirinus Quirrell knows that Harry wants the stone he puts him up to the mirror to see what Harry really desires. He sees that Harry has the stone is his pocket, but Harry also feels it in his pocket too. Harry doesn’t tell this to Professor Quirinus Quirrell and instead of believing him, Voldemort the one talking over his body, tells him that Harry is lying and he wants to speak to him. Professor Quirinus Quirrell removes his head wear to reveal Voldemort’s face on the back of his head. When Voldemort’s face is shown he command Professor Quirinus Quirrell to kill Harry, but when he touches him, he burns. Harry then loses consciousness. When Harry wakes up he is in the hospital with Professor Dumbledore sitting by his bedside. Harry ask what happens and Dumbledore tells Harry that he saved him before Professor Quirinus Quirrell almost killed him. He also tells Harry that he destroyed the stone with another guy named Flamel. After this all happens Harry and Dumbledore head down to the ceremony of the seventh win in a row for Slytherin. Then school ends, sending Harry back home to the Dursleys for summer vacation. That ends the first book out of the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling.