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Hey than expected and basically self suffiecient item


My name is Ieesh Kedawat. I am currently
persuing computer science with specialization in Big Data. My hobbies include
photography, playing football. I love drawing in my ideal time and a soothing
music always relaxes me everytime.

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Design Thinking is an approach to innovate new
and creative designer strategies. By using design thinking, you make decisions
based on what future customers really want instead of relying only on
historical data or making risky bets based on instinct instead of evidence.It
is a method for developing new products and services to solve the problems.

Design thinking utilises a procedure based way
to deal with take care of issues and like any procedure, it includes a
progression of steps that are done in a specific request to accomplish an
objective. For this situation, the objective is to recognise an answer that is
equipped for succeeding, can be completed in an opportune way and is probably
going to be acknowledged by all partners.

The five steps in design thinking
are empathize, define, ideate, prototype and test.

Taking over real five stages I particularly
picks the fifth step of configuration imagining that is ‘Emphasize’ to share my
considerations ,I learn subsequent to experiencing materials gave in our course
that creators or evaluators thoroughly tried their item utilizing the best
arrangements amid their prototyping stage. This is the last stage demonstrate,
yet in an iterative procedure, the outcomes created are utilized as to rethink
issues and understanding the client mindset ,how another client carry on, feel
and sympathize.


What I realize new which I never taken into my
thought is that notwithstanding amid this stage ,modifications and refinements
are made to rule out problems, and deriving deep understanding  of the item alongside its clients too.

One question that I would like
to ask Jane Chen would be-

“how did your group and you thought of making
such a smaller than expected and basically self suffiecient item as opposed to
concentrating on colossal item which may have been needy upon some other type
of vitality?