College Papers

HND of yours. With my level of zeal

(Business) is an international diploma and require 2 years of study. I had a
keen interest towards marketing so I used to visit my father’s office and sit
in marketing department to learn and observe how marketing works, especially
when I had to make my assignments on various companies, I used to visit many
companies and observe their marketing and organizational structures. I have a
strong concept of production, product, selling and societal marketing. During
my educational career at university I have participated in some tasks related
to Business Management in Marketing which were held in our department. A career in
marketing can mean many things. Some who work in the field of marketing are
focused on advertising and for others it is more closely
related to sales jobs. A marketing job may require you to be
heavily involved in creative design or instead place you in
the role of analytics and research. Marketing has such a wide range
of positions, there’s likely to be one for sure that will suit you, from
management to consulting and large corporations to small businesses, there will
always be a need for marketing professionals. How can businesses find buyers
for its products otherwise? Cause even churches ring their bells. As
per my opinion marketing brings money to the market. No company could exist
without marketing. Nevertheless companies which are dealing in finance have to
start up with marketing. For example Insurance, loans, credit cards are there
products which they have to sell, that is only possible from marketing. So I
find marketing a very excellent career option.
The image I conjure up of my future is that a dedicated and motivated Marketing
professional involved in the marketing development in stimulating ambience of a
top notch marketing environment of yours. With my level of zeal and enthusiasm
to transform my ambition into reality, I am confident of earning a place that
admits the pantheon of distinguished students in the field of Marketing.