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I my communication and listening skills. I believe

I have always been interested in understanding
human behavior. As an undergraduate at the University at Buffalo, I took up
psychology in order to develop my interpersonal skills. However, I also took on
many math and science courses in order to challenge myself and explore
different disciplines my university had to offer while maintaining a 3.51 GPA. Throughout
my studies, I have always managed to gain part-time employment. These
experiences have challenged me to develop my work ethic and time management
skills as well as my communication and listening skills.

I believe that my background will greatly aid in my graduate education, because
it has given me a strong desire for me to find a focus, along with a purpose to
succeed. I want a technical specialization – a career as a Certified Public Accountant.
My liberal arts background provides a unique perspective and good personal
skills that I can bring to Northeastern’s prestigious dual MSA and MBA

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During my sophomore year, I received a crash course in the complexities of
managing a business. My father jumped on the opportunity to purchase rental
properties near SUNY at Buffalo, despite the fact that he was still living in
New York City. He left the responsibility of running the daily operations of
the properties, and all the issues that often arise from running a business, to
me. I kept track of most aspects of the business while maintaining professional
dealings with my tenants and other professionals, including real estate
lawyers, accountants and government officials.

 I was fascinated by the complexities necessary to run a business and it
started to change the way I saw the world. I began reading resources such as Margin
of Safety, Rich Dad Poor Dad and the Wall Street Journal to
begin learning about the world of business. Through my independent studies, I
concluded that accounting is the basis on which business and finance
fundamentals are built upon. My realizations took my interest to a new level.
Warren Buffet, one of my many business inspirations, always discusses the
importance of being a value investor when asked about his success. This type of
investing relies heavily on having a solid understanding of accounting in order
to perform fundamental analysis on businesses in order to invest when the public
markets undervalue them. In essence, accounting tells you how valuable any
company in the world is by giving an investor the tools to understand the whole
Northeastern’s dual degree MBA and MSA program is versatile and well suited for
my career goals because it will give me many options within the realm of business.
I am particularly excited by the prospect of pursuing a three-month Big Four internship
in the course of my master’s degree program. My short-term goal is to land a
full-time accounting position with the Big Four. I know that working with PWC,
Deloitte, EY,
or KPMG will push me to be the best, most productive and hard-working person I
want to be. Working amongst the intelligent and hardworking peers in the
industry will solidify my values like dedication and hard work. I know I will
be pushed to my limits as well as achieve the highest potential I am capable of
realizing. In the long term, I want to be exposed to the various aspects of
accounting and business fields. I am interested in potentially leading other
capable professionals one day in a senior management role in consulting or
corporate finance at a top firm.

Northeastern’s campus is close enough to home while also distant and unique
enough to provide a valuable experience to explore the beautiful and historic
city of Boston. Only Northeastern offers the kind of collaborative experience
that suits my personal needs and professional goals to achieve success by
catering to my unique background. I believe graduate school at D’Amore-McKim
School of Business is precisely where I need to be to continue to navigate the
path I have worked so hard to discover.