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In then spies on and finally hunts Montag

In this instance, the hound
has been constructed to represent the government’s control and manipulation of
technology. Originally, firehouse dogs were seen as rescuers used to locate the
weak or injured in an accident. However, the hound has been made into an
enforcer whose duty if to avenge and punish citizens who break society’s rules.

Compared to the past, firehouse dogs who were conventionally known to save and
help people have now been engineered to kill. With the introduction of a highly
intelligent yet heartless robotic dog, technology has advanced towards a point
where it can be manipulated to instill fear and destruction. Alternatively, Bradbury argues that with only a
few changes, advancements in technology can be turned from helpful tools into
ones that can cause terror. In the past, televisions were developed to provide
entertainment but because many viewers considered the television as the purveyors
of truth, the government was able to capitalize on this belief for their
unethical messages (Roberts). Moreover, the Mechanical Hound is a clear
demonstration of the insidious and threatening impacts brought on by advancements
in technology. The Hound is an invention that first terrorizes, then spies on
and finally hunts Montag intent on his extermination. By its very nature, the
Hound is devoid of any human compassion and reason even though it is programmed
by humans. The Hound presents an example of advancing technology gone wrong.

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Like society, the Hound is programmed like many of the citizens and hunts and
kills for the entertainment of the masses (Roberts). In particular, it is misused
by the unsympathetic nature of the government.