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My McNab. As stated previously, I will take

My name is Tiera Young, and I plan on attending the University
of Florida in the fall of 2018. My educational aspirations consist of acquiring
a PhD in any course that would assist me in pursuing a career as a Clinical
Psychologist. For as long as I could remember, I have wanted to be a psychologist.
This career would let me peruse my passion for assisting others and taking some
of the burdens off their shoulders. I have been the confidant of family
members, friends, and even strangers. Even in school, I am apart of Carter
Cares, an organization that volunteers during One Blood blood drives, and for
beach cleanup.  I have always been known
to be compassionate towards others and present a candor attitude when it is
time for feedback. To reach my goals, I realize that I must pursue an eight-year
college education, along with clinical training. I commit myself to my school
work and look for any prospects that could help me reach my goal.

scholarship was presented to me by my JFG (Job’s for Florida’s Graduates)
teacher, Ms. McNab. As stated previously, I will take opportunities that help
me reach my goal of becoming a clinical psychologist, and I believe that this
is a tremendous opportunity that should be taken advantage of. Earning this
scholarship will lessen the burden upon my family when it comes to tuition and
books I may need while away.

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me the PTA/PTSA means that me and other high school students have a chance at
gaining an education past high school. It also means that a multitude of
parents are seeing their child walk off to begin their own lives because of
National PTA. I would like to see that thrilled look on my mother’s face as she
sees my triumph. As she sees me overcome an issue so common amongst college
students and those who want to purse a higher education; money. The lack of
funds scares individuals from going to college and technical institutes. I refuse
to let this obstacle intimidate me.

PTA stands for what I believe in: delivering quality education. An organization
like yours can be the stepping stone to a path that leads to my ambitions. I knowing
I’m going to need all the help that I can get in order to reach my goals. With
the moral support of family and friends I know I can achieve greatness but
living off their encouragement won’t make my dreams a reality. I hope that the
National PTA can help me reach my dream by awarding me your scholarship.