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NAME: consuming data in which there is need


STUDENT: U1104609

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Information literacy is to phrase
the terms of the information requests and to apply prepared approach to search
and produce information and evaluate the entire method in terms of
effectiveness and efficiency. It is true that a learner has a better lifestyle
that is adapted in information literacy. Some group of people thinks that
student should not be depending on information given in each field. Information
literacy skill explains that knowledge is important to all disciplines and
should make up year by year as student’s progress through their study. Students
should not only understand the information but they should also require working
hard to make the use of it and they should know about what exact information
they required and what really they have found. For all the group of people
information literacy is important for just knowing different policies and
strategies but also to promote human rights and improvement.

Information literacy in my field
helps such a way to improve skills in finding different sources and make use of
that source properly so that the results out of it can be more familiar in
writing, listening, speaking and reading of my own subjects effectively. We
should work hard and gathered information from online sources. This forms the
basis for lifetime education. There are many methods in electrical engineering
field such as process understanding and power consuming data in which there is
need to find accurate value and information of those elements because there are
more chances to short circuits in this field. It requires proper connections
such as R-Y-B and neutral. That can be researched from information literacy so
that while applying in the field it is necessary to know the details about the
proper connection and need to justify properly. It helps learners in content and
expands their study which becomes more independent and creates control in their
own learning. One must know how to make use of information appropriately in
their field of subjects and they shall experience different stages of literacy
but what is positive and negative they should be aware about it and classify
the difference. Information literacy prepares the way to achieve the top level
of learning. All research and studies depends on the different levels of
information from library and online sources. Information literacy in electrical
engineering is depending upon information sources and formats that carry knowledge
in their fields. Various factors of electrical disciplines are changing rapidly
and it is important to practice that how to use new sources of collected data.

Initially process understanding
in the university where huge collections of academic information and
understanding are carried. There are books, references and various sources
available to the students to raise their knowledge and thoughts on different
subjects in electrical. University library plays a wide role in the life of the
students. There are many numbers of books available in library for electrical
engineering. A university library is helpful on the academic success of the
student. Students can carry out better during examination by these reading books.
A student can build his self-confidence by going through the books of his
interest. So, information literacy includes the full variety of experience, and
any student need to be enabled to experience information literacy in these
kinds of ways. They also need to reflect variations in experience which they
meet and understand which forms of information literacy are important to
different students. Other characteristics of information literate for engineering
include the strength of inquiry and statement to find what is essential for the

Secondly, an advantage of online
sources is the scope of information presented, when a search is done on a
topic, many thousands of sites comes up containing information on the same topic.
So, a student roughly has infinite raw material information. Judging an
internet sites by just the domain and its suffix is not enough, it is important
for students to utilize other criteria to establish if they have found good or
bad quality information. Students study their results; summarize their views of
the online sources as a section of knowledge. In common, student can find the
information easily by use of online sources. This internet literacy is to create
understandings among university students as to the kind of information available
on the internet, at the similar time increasing their critical-thinking skills.
An opportunity to use online sources which help to increase awareness and
understanding of uncontrolled accesses of the internet. Though in the estimation
process, students learned to categorized and make judgments about the uses of
information on a web page.

In conclusion an online source is
useful in each field of engineering, because it helps us to engage in
independent learning through new meaning, understanding and knowledge. It
derives satisfaction and personal achievement from using the information wisely
as compared to study in library. Information collected can be done individually
and collectively and then study it to use that information for decision making
and problem solving process in order to deal with personal, professional, and energy
regulations issues related to electrical engineering. It expresses to display
social condition through a dedication of a lifelong learning in studies.