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I can quite literally say that
Advertising and PR is in my blood. Being the daughter of a renowned Corporate
Communications and PR professional, my exposure to the world of Communications,
Media and Advertising takes its roots all the way back to my childhood. I was
fortunate enough to have access to many important media events and industry
experts, which gave me the opportunity to see this field from very close
quarters. I thus got a fair idea of the role of Advertising and PR functions in
the corporate ecosystem. Watching stalwarts, especially women, build and keep
up a corporate giant’s brand and reputation, not only awed me but also inspired
in me the desire to become a part of this field.  In acknowledgement of this, I pursued
Bachelors of Mass Media. I completed my undergraduate studies in the year 2016
from the reputed Ramnarain Ruia College.  Following this, I took up Masters of Arts in
Entertainment Media & Advertising which I am pursuing currently.
Simultaneously, I also enrolled in Boston University’s Summer Program on the Fundamentals
of Consumer Behavior. I also hold a Diploma in Community Radio and Media
Technology. In the last five years of dedicated formal education, I have paid
close attention to laying a solid academic foundation with not just classroom
education but also practical industry internships.

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I have interned with a global
digital media agency Brandneu, where I worked on an organ donation campaign for
one of their biggest clients Novartis. My job role here entailed ensuring
higher ranking for the Donate Organs India website
in search results through keyword research and optimization. I was also
responsible for assisting in the content marketing strategy and execution
planning to ensure high discoverability of the website and driving traffic to
it. This internship gave me hands-on experience in evaluating customer
research, market conditions and competitor data and thereafter using this
business intelligence for devising online marketing campaigns. In another
internship, I worked with India’s #1 PR firm Adfactors on some of their biggest
accounts like Pidilite, Nissan, Mahindra and Mahindra and Lamborghini. Here I
got to get hands-on experience in traditional media PR including Print, TV and
radio as well as Digital PR consisting of social media, blogs and influencers.
In the year 2016, I interned with a branding company called Chlorophyll. My
main project here was the rebranding of Vishal Megamart where I assisted with
primary and secondary market research, consumer and packaging research. 


customers are more powerful than ever before and the market outside is
exploding with options for him where he is spoilt for choices, as a result the pace
of business is changing the way businesses are led, technology is used, strategy
is developed to build their customer loyalty. Ultimately, businesses who rise
to the challenge of adapting with the evolving trends of technology and creating
a robust customer-centric strategy succeed in the marketplace. With
the advent of digital technology like social networking sites and the rise of
mobile usage there has been a paradigm shift in the way
marketing functions. Today,
the primary focus of marketing communications is more around the digital and
social media than traditional platforms such as print television and radio. During
my academics and internships, I found a need to equip myself with the tools of
digital marketing and social media to gain a deeper understanding of how to
implement new platforms and effectively plan an advanced marketing strategy
that integrates new and traditional tactics and adapt to evolving technological
trends. Since,
the key component of advertising is reaching the right audience at the right time,
a strong foothold in big data will be a positive feature in my learning. The Integrated
Marketing program offered by NYU allows its students to pick courses from
concentrations like Digital marketing, Brand management and Data analytics
which endow me with all the required technical skills to bridge the
technological gap in my learning.


The phrase “Madison Avenue”
has long been synonymous with the advertising agency business even today it’s
home one of the world’s top notch advertising agencies. In 2015, I visited NYU campus
with a friend, where I had a chance to meet a vibrant, diverse, community of
with unique backgrounds creating a compelling dynamic in and out of the
classroom which instantly motivated me to be a part of this university situated
in the heart of a melting pot and an economic capital of the world. Having
been fortunate enough to travel around the world, I have seen various cultures and art forms. I am
a trained Bharatnatyam dancer for the past 16 years and recipient of the
highest degree in this dance form. I have tried to learn a few folk art forms
like Shibori (Japanese dyeing technique) Rajputana painting from Udaipur along
with Warli, Gondh and Madhubani painting. Being a part of NYU I would love to
be a part of cultural clubs sharing my knowledge about Indian classical dance
and folk art. I am also an ardent photographer and love to build my photo
travelogue wherever I go. I believe that my exposure to different cultures, art
forms, nature trails greatly influence my creative pursuits be it at my work
place or classroom. As a district level Table Tennis player, I would be keenly
interested to be a part of the NYU Club Sports and play for the women’s table
tennis team.


I believe that I am now ready to
build on my academics and work experience with a Master’s in Integrated
Marketing offered by NYU School of Professional Studies. After the completion
of my course at NYU, I aspire to launch myself as
an ace account planning professional at one of the finest advertising agencies
in India. Developing communication strategies that are backed by research and
technology for their top clients and creating successful campaigns for their
brands. I wish that the admissions committee shares my excitement
and considers my application favorably.


Aditi Deshpande

Fall 2018