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Pawan IyerMs. FuscoENG3U1-0112 January 2018 Arnold Schwarzenegger Total Recall: The Untold StoryThere is always an unconventional perspective to everyone’s success. The side of one’s story that is not commonly addressed, but crucial when considering one’s triumphs and failures. A man may be defined by his past, but the past need not define his future. Born in a year of famine, Arnold Schwarzenegger, experienced an extremely challenging life since birth. However, his vision of moving to America and becoming a bodybuilding champion was so deeply ingrained in his mind, that his past was a minor hurdle to overcome. Leadership is an exceptional quality that is demonstrated by few in society. Arnold had exemplified the ideal traits of a natural born leader in his autobiography, Total Recall. Schwarzenegger keeps in mind the general populous when writing his book and conveys an overlying and powerful message. Arnold undergoes immense personal development that can be justified through specific pivotal traits in his character. Ultimately, focus and resilience are vital leadership skills that allow one to transform one’s life and achieve tremendous success. Focus allows a leader to be successful because he devotes all of his time and energy to a single desired goal and prevent deviation. A powerful vision similar to Arnold’s, ensures that a solid foundation and an ultimate objective is laid out for the individual to strive towards. Throughout his compelling lifetime, Arnold not only demonstrates extreme focus, but embraces it. It has allowed him to overcome the negativity and mockery that surrounds someone having an extravagant vision. Having developed solid goals at a young age, he has been able to constantly focus and work on them without sidetracking or succumbing to peer/family pressure. Arnold demonstrates this effectively through a personal anecdote from his childhood: “My father and friends ridiculed my early dreams of becoming a bodybuilder. It was a very uptight feeling at home. So uptight and uncomfortable, in fact, that I would later refuse to attend the funeral of my father, who died in 1972” (Schwarzenegger 221). Being born into a poor farming family, Arnold’s choices were heavily restricted. Through this anecdote, it becomes evident that Arnold received much criticism for the goals he laid out for himself, especially from family his members. Regardless, this did not cause him to stray from his ultimate goal of becoming the greatest bodybuilder in history. This reflects how one should not let the past overshadow a bright future. During many instances in his life, Arnold refined his vision for success. He constantly remained focused on his target and understood the actions he needs to take in order to achieve it. What made Arnold different from others, is that he reinforced and fine-tuned his vision at every stage of his life. This allowed him to strategically plan his goals until he is certain that there are no alternatives. Arnold exhibits this mindset very evidently through another personal anecdote: “I refined my vision until it was very specific. I was going to go to for that Mr. Universe title; I was going to Hollywood; the vision became so clear in my mind that I felt like it had to happen. There was no alternative; it was this or nothing” (Schwarzenegger 42). In this anecdote, it is clear that Arnold is a highly driven individual. His high level of dedication and persistence allowed him to believe that there isn’t an alternative to his goal. These leadership traits resulted in his bodybuilding, film, and political career success. Arnold knew all too well that the goals he had in mind were absurd for someone as poor as himself. Yet his high level of focus, powerful vision, and hard work have made him the man he is today. This reveals how despite being from a poor and uneducated family, he was able to pursue and achieve his goals. Politics had been of interest to Arnold since a young age: “I had long had his eye on politics as a way to give something back to the country that had given him so much opportunity” (“Arnold Schwarzenegger”). Arnold’s willingness to give back is clear and his long-term visions are key elements to his success. Without any political knowledge whatsoever, Arnold ran for election and became the governor of California in 2003. He demonstrated that with passion and perseverance, even the most difficult of obstacles can be surpassed easily. Overall, having strong vision can bring success to anyone irrespective of the past. Arnold exhibits this in his life through his overcoming of various struggles, and attaining success by refining his goals. Resiliency ensures that a leader never accepts defeat, and pushes himself beyond his limits time and again for the greater good. Being perseverant also vital because an effective leader must learn to be humble and acceptant of their failures. Arnold can be defined by his ability to believe in himself. Determination is a quality that he has exhibited throughout his career because giving up was never an option for him. Arnold has been able to accomplish a great deal when working hard and persisting. An ideal leader requires this trait in order to consistently work toward their goals no matter what obstacles they encounter. Arnold conveys this through a narration of his leg injury: “Stallone encouraged me to keep fighting when I felt sorry for myself after breaking my leg in 2006. I decided not to wimp out, and instead showed up on crutches for my second inauguration.” (Schwarzenegger 470). Having severely injured his leg after the filming of an action movie, Arnold was in bedrest. Arnold’s tenacity is reflected when he comes to his second inauguration as Governor of California on crutches. Not only is this a daring move from a health standpoint but also bold considering most action heroes wouldn’t dare face the public for quite some time after such an injury.  Arnold has experienced his fair share of setbacks, failures, and horrible decision making. However, regretting these instances is merely a waste of time as one must be modest and learn from the mistakes made. Arnold stands out from many others because he confronts his failures and is eager to learn. This allowed him to carefully evaluate his weak points and target them in order to strengthen the leadership skills that have brought him so far into his political career. During a marriage scandal with his wife Arnold openly admits that “it was without any doubt his biggest setback and the biggest failure. He really felt like, he was to blame for it. It was him that screwed up and he can’t point the finger at anyone else. So yes, he was disappointed, but it’s always easy to be smart in hindsight” (Schwarzenegger 312). Arnold takes full blame for the incident and knows it was a major setback in his life. His resilience is reflected when he admits that learning a lesson in hindsight is better than never learning it. It is evident that Arnold’s relentless nature has broadened his leadership abilities ultimately attributing to his success. He has truly embraced a candid nature by openly discussing what he considers his biggest failure. Learning from his errors and applying them to his career is one of the most crucial traits attributing to his success. If one is faced with a major defeat in life, being sincere and direct can prove to be extremely useful in overcoming the hurdles and attain success. Arnold had “always believed in shooting for the top, and he knew to become an American is like becoming a member of the winning team” (Arnold Schwarzenegger). His passion for coming to America is a direct result of the high ambitions he set out for himself. Knowing that America is the land of opportunity, Arnold utilized his talents and leadership qualities to bring him to where he is today. Even with many hardships, his exceptional leadership qualities of perseverance and resilience have made him highly successful.A strong leader shapes his destiny rather than being swayed by circumstances. Leadership traits including focus and resilience, are crucial when striving for success. Throughout his lifetime, Arnold Schwarzenegger has developed, utilized, and refined these traits in order to attain success and serve the needs of the public. Whether it be in his childhood, bodybuilding profession, or political career, Arnold has ensured to remain goal oriented and works on the weaknesses he sees in himself. Through his life, it is demonstrated that past upbringing is not reflective of future success, and with the right leadership qualities, anyone can achieve this. In his autobiography Total Recall, Arnold has not only exhibited the impact of focus and resilience on his life, but made a testament to the world by justifying how success can be attained by all, with the right attitude.Works Cited”Arnold Schwarzenegger.” Arnold Schwarzenegger: Biography,”Arnold Schwarzenegger – Career #3 and Counting.” The Mark of a Leader, 27 Oct. 2016,Berger, Dan. “What Leaders Can Learn From Arnold Schwarzenegger – Dan Berger – Medium.” Medium, Medium, 30 Mar. 2017,Library, California State. Governors of California – Arnold Schwarzenegger,Schwarzenegger, Arnold, et al. Total Recall. VIP, 2012