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Product Packaging – for example, a physical box.

Product Quality Model – FURPSJanuary 18, 2018Product Quality Model – FURPS               The FURPS Product Quality Model was developed at Hewlett-Packard was first publicly elaborated by Robert Grady and decomposes characteristics into two different categories of requirements are:-Functional requirements – Defined by input and expected output (Functionality)Non – Functional requirements – Usability, Reliability, Performance and Supportability.             FURPS+is now widely used in the software industry. The + was later added to the model after various campaigns at HP to extend the acronym to emphasize various attributes. The “+” signifies about  impact on product cost or delivery.                FURPS is about planning and defining Quality with the goal of pleasing the customer and delivering product cost-effectively. By FURPS+ model, one can know how product is made and designed in a well format manner.FURPS+ model is also known as Quality Characteristics Table and was established in year 1995.FURPS Quality model is an acronym representing a model for classifying software quality attributes in following as:-              Functional – features, capabilities, security. Usability – human factors, help, documentation. Reliability – frequency of failure, recoverability, predictability. Performance – response times, throughput, accuracy, availability, resource usage. Supportability – adaptability, maintainability, internationalization, configurability. The “+” means,Implementation – resource limitations, languages and tools, hardware.Interface – constraints imposed by interfacing with external systems. Operations – system management in its operational setting. Packaging – for example, a physical box. Legal – licensing and so forth.  FURPS is a technique to validate the prioritised requirements after an understanding with client’s needs and necessities. This FURPS+ technique made the requirements classification to stress on understanding the different types of non-functional requirements more.     one disadvantages of FURPS model is it doesn’t consider about potability of product, which may be an important criteria for application development.Comments Powered by BloggerTheme images by Michael ElkanTARUN MOGADALAVISIT PROFILEArchiveReport Abuse