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Same-sex just like the rest of us and

couples face many legal issues when they decide to become a family with
children. Very unique rules apply when it comes to gay and lesbian adoption in
different states. If a child is born into a gay or lesbian partnership,
different rules are applied especially if the couple is not married. Although, being
a homosexual is just a sexual preference, adoption laws vary nationwide. Society
has changed and has been more accepting to the LGBT community. Same-sex couples
should be allowed to adopt children as easily as heterosexuals because regardless
of the fact, we are all human. We all have the same rights. Sexual preference
should not affect who can and cannot adopt. If the couple are in a loving,
stable relationship, it should not matter.

2016, same sex adoption became legal in all 50 states. Some states have
restrictions on adopting children. Homosexuals are people just like the rest of
us and should not be discriminated against. Therefore, homosexuals have the
same equal rights as everyone else. If there are no rights, there is no freedom.
According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, article 2 says
“everyone is entitled to the same rights without discrimination of any kind
(…). If the parents have the best interest of the child, the gender of the
parents does not make any difference. As of now, the real issue is having a
critical shortage of foster and adoptive parents. There are millions of
children that do not have a permanent home and that are suffering from it
because of the “foster care shuffle”. These children need a place to call home,
good parenting, love, and support. If a child can receive this, the gender of
the parents does not matter, just as well as race or ethnicity, only good
parenting in the child’s development, health and growth.

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preference should not affect who you can adopt. Children will receive the same
love whether it is from a homosexual couple or a heterosexual couple. There is
not a single study that has found adolescents of a same-sex couple to be
disadvantaged because of their parent’s choice of sexual orientation. In fact,
there is no evidence that proves children of gays and lesbians are less
intelligent, less popular, or have lower self-esteem than children of
heterosexual parents. Children of same-sex couples grow up happy and healthy as
well as other children. They are likely to become successful like any other
child. Would you rather a child never gets the love, care and support that an
adult can give just because the couple is gay or lesbian?

part of society that is opposed to same-sex couples being able to adopt
children as easily as heterosexual couples argue that it is degrading to nature
state of being and it has nothing to do with judicial equality of homo- and
heterosexuals. Marriage is already more than enough for society’s approval. These
opponents feel that both genders play a significant role in the child’s
development and that it is a matter of social science as well as a matter of
right and wrong. Giving same-sex couples the option to adopt is discriminating
against the child. This part of society argue that children will grow up
confused about their sexual identity because they will not be sure if they
should be with a man or a woman. They feel as though children should not be
treated like guinea pigs in a distorted social experiment. That is like
threatening the “good” of society and against it’s norms. Also, children should
not be placed in an environment that is not beneficial to their full human

a couple are in a loving, stable relationship, it does not matter if it is two
men or two women who are raising a child. If the couple can instill norms into
the child, make the child their primary focus and understand that it will take
patience, consistency, and dedication. As long as same-sex couples become accustom
to putting the child’s needs first as any parent should. Let’s consider this,
children adopted by any same-sex couple were not taken from happy heterosexual
homes. Also, most came from orphanages, foster homes, or single parent homes.
Many children come from poor countries. Whether the family is gay or straight,
it is better than the alternatives in the child’s case. There are not always
suitable straight couples who’s willing to adopt so why pass up what could be a
loving home just because the parents are gay or lesbian?  Providing a loving home for a child will
still be considered a good cause whether you are adopting children as a gay or
straight. Thanks to gay adoption legislation, about 70,000 children has found

the years, the number of the LGBT community adopting adolescents has risen
tremendously. Researchers found that the total number of adolescents nationwide
living with at least one gay/lesbian parent ranges from 6 to 14 million. Every
year, about 2 million LBGT people become interested in adopting. In California,
over 16,000 adopted children are living with gay or lesbian couples. Also, over
16,000 homosexual couples are raising about 22,000 kids in the U.S. The average
age of homosexual adoptive parents is 42.

parenting is not influenced by sexual orientation. It is influenced profoundly
by the parents’ ability to create a loving and nurturing home. We as a people
must become more open minded and need to think more positively. Everyone
deserves to be happy, meaning everyone deserves to be whom they choose. I,
personally do not think that people should be judged by their sexual
orientation. That will only create conflict because doing so would mean
comparing people. Homosexuals just want to be accepted and be treated like
normal people and have their rights respected. After all, someone’s sexuality,
gender, or ethnicity are all just characteristics of a person. It is not a
measure of how good of a parent someone is.