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The Giver by Lois Lowry is a novel about a utopian world where everything is perfect and there is no pain, war, and fear. Even though this world seems flawless, it is not what it seems and Jonas, the Receiver of Memory, gradually realizes the awful truth. However, even though this is a dystopian novel filled with murder and ignorance, there are moments in which Lowry gifts us with feelings of warmth, especially love and happiness, two extremely important emotions in The Giver. Through these moments, the author presents us with the theme that love leads to happiness. To prove that love does lead to happiness, Lois Lowry writes a scene in which the Giver and Jonas talk about the memory of Christmas that the Giver transferred to Jonas. While the memory was the start of Jonas’ journey of confusion and hatred this memory also opened Jonas’ eyes to the world of love and happiness ultimately creating a special bond between the Giver and Jonas . The Giver says, “I am left with a vague wisp of that one; and I have many other memories of families, and holidays, and happiness. Of love.”( Lowry 125 ) Here, the Giver talks about how the memory that he gifted to Jonas faded but that there were more memories about family, love and happiness. This connects to the idea that happiness and love are the same idea and that happiness leads to love and love leads to happiness. Love and happiness do lead to each other because when there is love is when we are happy because without love we would be empty. However with love we would be full and able to express our happiness. Another moment in the book that explores the idea that happiness and love both lead to each other is the moment when Jonas talks to an asleep Gabriel. Jonas had just talked about love with the Giver and when he confronted his parents with love, his parents turned him down saying it was, meaningless and obsolete. So Jonas goes to Gabriel and talks about grandparents, colors, memories, and most importantly love. Jonas then says to Gabriel, “”Gabe?”The newchild stirred slightly in his sleep. Jonas looked over at him.”There could be love,” Jonas whispered. (Lowry128-129)” This quote is an extremely powerful quote about love and happiness and also is important for the relationship between Jonas and Gabriel. Jonas realized that at his home he couldn’t express his love to anyone except to Gabriel to whom he shared happy memories with and was a person Jonas was able to love. This was why Jonas took Gabriel with him when Jonas ran away, because he loved him to too much to let him die. This all connects with the idea that love leads to happiness because since Jonas loves Gabriel ┬áhe gives Gabriel happy memories such as the memory of the sailboat which is a happy, peaceful memory. In the book, The Giver, Lowry manages to create a loving and happy atmosphere even though there are dark moments. The memory of christmas and other memories show us that happiness and love are two vital emotions that are essential into making life whole. Through The Giver Lowry makes us know that with love comes happiness.