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The and John Calvin questioned the Catholic Church’s

The Protestant Reformation of 1517 was a religious movement that all started in Germany. Later on, it spread throughout Europe. The causes of the Reformation are the church corruption, the leadership of Martin Luther and the creation of the printing press. The Protestant Reformation was a cultural and political change that changed the Catholic Church in Europe which would define the Protestant religion. Reformers that had a big role in the Reformation such as Martin Luther, Henry VIII, and John Calvin questioned the Catholic Church’s ability to define Christian practices. In 1517 Martin Luther, a Catholic priest in Germany, appealed to the Pope to correct abuses in the Roman Catholic Church. Luther was excommunicated by the Pope for refusing to obey the law and religious dispute erupted in Europe, which continued for the next 200 years. This was the start of the Protestant Reformation.The church corruption played a big role in the Protestant reformation. The church corruption first happened when the Protestant Reformation came about due to abuses of church practices by corrupt clergy. The Catholic Church was so powerful because its own laws and it charged its own taxes. It was the biggest landholder. There could can be no doubt with that much power and clout that they controlled the monarchy as well. Corruption came in the form of artifacts which were claimed to be of holy nature and were sold for huge amounts of money. They were most often faked. If one donated huge sums of money to the church, he or she could be assured of being absolved of any sins or crimes, and would most certainly assured a place in heaven. Oppose the church, he or she would be kicked out and would go to hell states the church. The church corruption caused the Protestant Reformation because the Christians got teached the meaning and the selling of indulgences. Document A explains that paying money for taking away your crime should not be allowed. People can steal and harm others and to get away with it, they just buy indulgences. Buying indulgences is the next level of cheating in life. People that buy indulgences should be known as fools like Erasmus said. Like shown in Document B, if you are very wealthy, you can not obey the law and then just buy indulgences to get rid of your sin. This system is unfair because it is all bases on the class of the person.The creation of the printing press was a new way for people to have access to a written word on a larger scale than previously known by distributing literature protesting the catholic corruption. With the written word produced, more people had access to learn to read which made the word spread. Like stated in Document G, ” Such presses could produce up to 240 impressions per hour. (Doc G)” Inventing the printing press made life for people making it so much simpler. Instead of writing every word on 240 papers, they could use the printing press to save hours of work and they could give more to news to people faster.