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The Management skills provide the basics for good

            The differences between management and leadership are
often difficult to distinguish. People often hold both leadership and
management skills that make them effective in both areas by having common
traits. Everyday people use the combination of these skills for everyday situations
to make achievements become successful. However, there are differences and
similarities between the two.

            Management is the ability to get things done through
other people. (CITE=ARTICLE) When I think about a manger, I view them as
someone who is superior or above others. They are there to have others carry
out what they have instructed them to do. Management skills provide the basics
for good leadership skills. The ability to direct and make sure things are
happening as they should while being able to communicate those directions
effectively are a few traits management possess.

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            Leadership is the ability to have people follow them.
Honesty and integrity is a trait that leadership have. When I think about a
leader I view them as someone who is above or equal to me. They are there to
share ideas and to have everyone involved. The goal of leadership is to have a
vision that is fit for the whole team. Being a good leader, one must have good
communication skills to inspire change. Communication is key. As a leader, they
need to be able to explain things clearly. Leadership press for change to make
the organization better. There is always room for improvement to better one
leadership skills.

            Is there really a difference between management and
leadership? Management and leadership go hand in hand from my personal
experience. The overall task of an organization is to be successful. There
needs to be a common vision that demonstrates understanding. One way that the
vision becomes effective is if the management and leadership skills coincide in
someone. All the managers I have known got to where they are at because of
their leadership skills and how they have demonstrated leading others. They
both are there to reach a common goal and being able to communicate with their

            With the blurred lines between the two, it’s harder to
tell them apart. I do not believe that there is a difference between the two
but it all just depends how successful or unsuccessful someone wants to be when
it comes to their team. When it is determined by being successful or
unsuccessful I think that is determined on how much a manager wants to use
their leadership skills and how much a leader wants to use management skills.

experiences I have had with management and being in a leadership role myself and
the so called “blurred lines” between the two, it shows that a manger can be a
leader and a leader can be a manager. I have been in numerous of positions
where I had to step up and manage people. Just because I must manage people
doesn’t mean all my leadership traits become nonexistent. If someone is
determined and focused, they will get done whatever needs to be done by using their
management traits or leadership traits.

stated in the article, “If there really is such a big difference, how do you
account for all those highly successful managers who achieved truly great
results for their organization? I bet that if you look closely at them, you
would find a goose wearing an octopus suit.” (“Direct quote”(Author’s
last name, Year, page number) The dedication towards someone’s team and company,
must have someone that has both leadership and management skills. One thing
that demands more leadership is change. Mangers and leaders must be willing for
things to change in their organization to make improvements. The ability to
change shows that you put your knowledge into the work to achieve a desire
result. Change is a developing process. It brings new perspective towards
anything that has already existed for quite some time in an organization.

and leading groups or an organization mainly involves being able to direct the
effort of individuals. Management and leadership both need people to follow
them. There is always room for improvement to better someone’s skills to either
manage or lead people in the right direction. To me, when someone has a certain
management title, they got where they are usually because of their leadership