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The out stains in your clothes. And when

The surfactants in laundry detergent cleans better.  Surfactants are compounds that lower surface tension and are wetting agents that are found in almost all laundry detergent.  The surfactant molecule has two different ends.  The water loving side is called the polar hydrophilic.  The other side loves oil and grease,and it is called the non-polar hydrophobic.  This is what leads to getting the stains out by using the two different sides of the surfactant molecule to get the stains out. The molecule that helps get dirt out is surfactants.  Goran Enhorning and Bengt Robertson their first successful trial in 1980.  Surfactant actually means surface active agents.  There’s been a lot of debate whether you should use surfactants in your laundry detergent or not.  This is because all laundry detergents leave a residue, which is absorbed by our skin.  This can cause very bad skin reactions or irritations. A lot of people have switched to organic laundry detergent  because of this problem.The characteristics in the surfactant molecule is the Polar Hydrophilic and it attracts the water and it is the ball side.  The Non-Polar Hydrophobic which attracts the oil and grease is the tail side.  This makes the molecule look like a tadpole.  The surfactant molecule lowers the surface tension.  And that’s how Polar Hydrophilic and Non-Polar Hydrophobic work getting out stains in your clothes.  And when you do your laundry you start by adding the detergent which contains surfactants.  Then when the detergent is added to some sort of liquid.  The liquid causes the molecule to react which sends out all different types of chemicals into the water and clothes.  Each chemical has a very specific and important job.  What is the main chemical in laundry detergent?  The correct answer would be surfactants.In this paragraph i’m going to talk about the issues with laundry detergent and surfactants.  First there is a lot of health issues with laundry detergent.  Detergents contain very dangerous chemicals that can cause a lot of harm.  For example “if you were to drink or swallow detergent you could suffer from burns or holes in your esophagus, loss of vision, damage to your organs, and difficulty to breathe.”  So with all the dangers it is very important to keep it away from small children and out of reach to children.  The last thing I’m gonna talk about is the environmental issues. People have concern because laundry detergent gives off a carbon footprint.  But a lot of things in the world do as well. But laundry detergent gives off a great amount of carbon.  And this could leave a big impact on the environment.