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The vital interest in continuing to work with

The ongoing multi-sided conflict in Syria
has led 4.5 million people to flee their homes in the span of 7 years. The
international community to this day had little to no success in trying to
resolve the crisis, thus, the Republic of Italy stresses on the importance of
forming a transitional coalition as a possible solution to ensure a safe democratic, pluralistic, political transition, seeing it as the only path to
end the Syrian crisis and for Italy to maintain its role as a bridge between the two major powers in the Syrian Arab Republic.

“A political transition at the conclusion of which
Bashar al-Assad will leave the field” ? is a realistic medium-term deadline,
which is gradually being accepted across the board, said Foreign Minister
Angelino Alfano. A transitional coalition is necessary to get to the overcoming
of the present regime and Assad’s Rule. Nevertheless, the coalition should not create regional and
institutional vacuums which have generated further tragedies in other contexts
such as Libya and Yemen. Italy is aiming for a positive and constructive
function that would ensure the safety and
stability of the area.

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The delegation of the Republic of Italy strongly condemns
the unending violence and calls for involved parties to immediately end the
resentments, along with the Syrian regime’s escalating use of heavy weapons,
ballistic missiles, and cluster
munitions, including indiscriminate shelling from tanks and aircraft, against
populated centers.  It also calls
upon the Russian Federation and other countries involved in the task force to
put an end to the rising scheme that promotes
sectarian Syria, which is igniting the terrorist
groups and fuelling more hostilities.

Italy sees a vital interest in continuing to work with partners
alongside the bilateral, regional and multilateral levels to further promote
the midway approach to the crisis. Having gained the EU-3 countries’ support,
Italy is looking forward from its allies in the Arab world to enhance their
engagements in the Syrian war and put an end to this catastrophe that did not
only affect Syria but its neighboring states.  

Italy is calling for an increased humanitarian support for Syria’s neighboring countries. The
Republic of Italy has also voiced its concerns at the newly set American law on
banning entry of the Syrian refugees to the United States. The delegation draws
attention on the large-scale of human
rights violations against the refugees, urging the UNSC and its member states
to try and reach a solid ground on putting the Syrian War to an end through the
possible formation of a Transnational Coalition.