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This little grandson” and “The tell-tale heart”. This

This comprehensive essay is about the comparison of two stories, “The old grandfather and his little grandson” and “The tell-tale heart”. This two stories don’t have much in common but they have many differences as equalities, so in this essay we are going to analyze both of this factors. But before comparing both of this stories we need to know what the stories are about. First we are going to summarize the story of “The old grandfather and his little grandson”.This tale is about a very old man, he was so old that his hearing and sight had diminished; he was living with his son and his daughter in law, the couple did not like when the man sat at the table to eat because he would spill part of the food, due to that his hands trembled a lot, so they told the old man that he would just eat in a corner with a wooden plate because he broke his bowl. The only one that realized that the couple was treating the old man in a really bad way was the old man’s grandson and because of him, the couple regreted their actions and told the man that he could eat at the table again.The tell-tale heart is a story of a guy that thinks he is sane but he actually suffers from a disease (nervousness) which causes over acuteness of the senses. This guy lives with an old man that has a blue “evil” eye, which bothers him a lot, this makes him want to kill the old man and he thinks that if he does the perfect murder that would prove that he’s not insane. This guy for seven nights opens the man’s door and shines a light onto the “evil” eye, however the eye is always closed, making it impossible to “do the work”. In the eighth night he does the same thing but this time the eye opened, so he kills the man; to end the “job” he dismembers the body and hides the pieces so someone would never find them. The same night a neighbour called the police because of the screams, when the police arrives the guy invites them to enter, suddenly he starts to feel uncomfortable so he breaks down and confesses.As we can see, both of the stories don’t have much in common but we can see that some differences are the condition of both characters, in the case of “The old grandfather” his issues are because of his age and due to the way the couple treats him, in the case of “The tell tale heart”, the principal character has mental issues, in his case nervousness but he thinks that he doesn’t have any kind of problems. Another difference is the age, in the first story the protagonist is very old and in the second one the protagonist is younger. One similarity is that both characters have problem with the people they live with, like the grandfather with his son and his daughter in law and the guy with the old man. Another similarity is that both of the stories develop based on a problem. And the final difference is the senses of both character, the grandfather’s senses had diminished and the guy had over acuteness in his senses. In conclusion we could see that both of the stories are not related at all but we still could find things that both of them have in common. The most important thing in this two stories is how the principal characters solve their problems and the unexpected this solution were, in the grandfather’s case, the grandson was the solution and in the other story, no one expected the guy to confess and he did.