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This This took braver and courage when he

This was an example of
employee loyalty.
He observed what was going on and when he felt that these actions needed to be
taken serious he reported it.
Even though he was dealing with upper management,
he was not scared to take action.
This took braver and courage when he had to face them. Unfortunately, because he did blow the whistle he
lost his job but there are always risk when reporting important information
like so.



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            “Whistleblowing is
characterized as a dissenting act of public accusation against an organization
which necessitates being disloyal to that organization.”

definitions Reference Description

 Richard – 1980 going public with information
about the safety of a product.

 Bok – 1980 sounding an alarm from within the
organization in which they work,
aiming to spot light neglect or abuses that threaten the public interest.

Chalk and Hippel 1979 an
action comes true when an employee,
independently makes known concerns to individuals outside the organization, without support or authority from his
Bowie – 1982 A whistle blower is an employee or officer of any institution, profit or non-profit, private or public, who believes either that he/she has
been ordered to perform some act or he/she has obtained knowledge that the
institution is engaged in activities which (a) are believed to cause
unnecessary harm to third parties,
(b) are in violation of human rights or (c) run counter to the defined purpose
of the institution and who inform the public of this fact.”   (Gökçe, A.
Whistle-Blowing Intentions of Prospective Teachers: Education Evidence. International Education Studies IES.)

            Whistleblowing also occurs when

1.) an individual performs an action or series of actions
intended to make information public;

2.) he information is made a matter of public record;

the information is about possible or actual non-trivial wrongdoing in an

the individuals who performs the action is a member or former member of the

Source: (Johnson. In Elliston et al., 1985, p.